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Contribute to our cause.

Autism Society Louisiana State Chapter, Inc. is a nonprofit wholly dedicated to creating connections, empowering all in the Autism community to live fully. Help us make a difference and make a donation today. To learn about different ways you can help us, get in touch with us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Louisiana affiliates contact information.

Autism Society Acadiana

3108 W. Pinhook Rd.

Lafayette, Louisiana 70508

(337) 235-4425

[email protected]

Autism Society Bayou

121 Callin Court

Morgan City, Louisiana 70380

(985) 397-3812

[email protected]

Autism Society Greater 

Baton Rouge

P.O. Box 14587

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70898

(225) 221-7873

[email protected]

Autism Society Greater 

New Orleans

P.O. Box 7028

Metarie, Louisiana 70010

(504) 603-6548

[email protected]

Autism Society Southwest

P.O. Box 174

Hwy. 14E

Hayes, LA 70646

((337) 802-1447

[email protected]

Autism Society North Louisiana

Autism Society Louisiana 

State Chapter

P.O. Box 14567

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70898

(225) 284-6066

[email protected]